Controllership Outsourcing

Complementary to our Financial Statement preparation service, we assist medium size businesses who do not have a full-time accounting function in-house.  By outsourcing the Controller function, these clients are able to save a considerable amount that would otherwise be paid to an underutilized professional salary.  This also assists with upstarts who are not in a position to begin an HR search, need to care for the foundation of their accounting function quickly, and are able to use our experience from multiple industries.  When they grow to a sufficient size, we are easily able to transition the accounting function to our client.


We have found that the most popular software with our Small Business clients is Quickbooks, and we ourselves are certified as Quickbooks Pro Advisors.  We are able to assist with the creation of a new set of books, modify structure, and upgrade, according the needs of our clients.

Quickbooks | Certified as a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, we can assist in finding the correct application for your business and apply our discounts to help you save on softare costs.  For new businesses, we can also help you set up your books so they are correct from ‘Day One’.

Cantax | We use the latest versions of Cantax for both personal and business tax returns, linking our systems to the CRA for electronic submission.

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